Boston Comic Con

Andy, his buddy Derek, and I went to the Boston Comic Con today. Some large photos are involved, so the rest of the post is below the jump.

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Infallible in matters of comics


Paul Pope hits another one out of the park.

I hope they collect his Adam Strange stuff… I just couldn’t stand paying for all the rest of the crap in Wednesday Comics (not your stuff, Ryan Sook – the other stuff!).

Another dusty one

sketch from college

Idle scribbling from college.

Fan art


Had to blow the dust off this – fan art from my college days.

T-shirt illustration


Manga Studio, 4 spot colors.

Manga Studio

manga studio - brunette russian fashion model

manga studio - russian fashion model dressed like a gay pirate

manga studio - bald russian fashion model

I traced some photos of Russian (or maybe Ukrainian?) fashion models in Manga Studio, to experiment with brush & pen characteristics, etc. I think I lost all my customizations when I upgraded to the new version, though.

You can tell from the dates that I don’t get around to doodling much. Manga Studio’s pretty cool, and hopefully I’ll find some more time to work in it.


B-24 Liberators

P.O.W. #1

P.O.W #1

My grandfather – one of the guys who made the Greatest Generation the Greatest Generation.

The last thing he said to me was “I wish you all the luck in the world, kid.”

Paul Maybury’s Conan

Paul Maybury Conan

Paul Maybury has done a really great Conan short, just for fun. What are you waiting for? GO!


Williamson on the way


Should be here tomorrow – I’m really looking forward to it.